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As a law firm specialising in commercial law, we provide strategic advice in the areas of general civil and commercial law, corporate law, inheritance/succession law, law including foundation law, land and commercial tenancy law, employment law as well as the directors and officers liability law and – last but not least – tax law.

In addition to our advisory work, which accounts for the majority of our legal work, our law firm attaches great importance to litigation, on the basis that we see litigation as a results-driven preparation of each case for trial, involving e.g. expert opinions on complex legal issues. In both areas we work in a collaborative and cooperative manner with legal departments, tax advisors or auditors of our clients, but also with renowned attorneys specialising in criminal and administrative law and foreign experts.

Portrait vom Rechtsanwalt Dietrich Walrab von Buttlar

Dietrich-Walrab v. Buttlar

Commercial and corporate law, property investments, arbitration, inheritance/succession law, foundations and tax law, execution of wills.

Portrait von Rechtsanwalt Christian Litke

Christian Litke

Commercial and company law, employment law and product liability law.

Portrait vom Rechtsanwalt Michael Holzinger

Dr. Michael Holzinger

Inheritance law disputes, directors and officers liability law, national and international inheritance/succession law, execution of wills, commercial tenancy and lease law, international private law, national and international commercial law.

Portrait vom Rechtsanwalt

Dr. Ragnar Baderschneider

Inheritance/succession law, foundation and non-profit law, asset and corporate succession, corporate law.

Rechtsanwalt Philip Rumler aus München

Philipp Rumler

Inheritance law, foundation and non-profit law, asset and corporate succession, curatorships and special curatorships, estate administration, guardianship law, care agreements, company law.

General civil and commercial law

To create legal certainty, we carefully examine basic questions of civil law after a detailed analysis of the facts, which often play an important role in the assessment of complex cases. We, therefore, attach particular importance to thorough work in this core area of civil law involving day-to-day legal issues, such as contract conclusions, damages, business services, standard terms and conditions and claims for injunctive relief. Our range also includes specialist fields such as product liability law as part of standard services offered by a law firm specialising in commercial law.

Employment law

One of our firms’s core competencies is to represent and advise board members, managing directors and executives, and to draft contracts with board members. We prepare employment agreements, termination and settlement agreements and flexible working time arrangements tailored to the specific needs of domestic companies or German subsidiaries of foreign groups as well as for foundations, and we also advise our clients on the increasingly complex issues of temporary employment and secondment of employees. Furthermore, we offer expert assistance with termination of employment relationships and severance payments as well as the structuring of all types of business transitions. We also offer companies with works councils advice on employee representation matters. Furthermore, we offer assistance with series of defined processes to avoid legal disputes, but we can represent our clients in employment law disputes in serious cases.

Corporate and commercial law

The firm specialises in advising clients on formation of companies and the drafting of articles of association, company succession regulations, including all aspects of civil and tax law, company splits and transformations as well as tax-efficient restructuring of companies and the acquisition and sale of companies and interests in companies (M&A). We provide expert assistance to companies of all sizes in all matters of corporate and commercial law and in transactions of national or international importance, in particular, in connection with control and profit transfer agreements and in the preparation and implementation of shareholders’ meetings and annual general meetings. We support companies in various industries on an ongoing basis in drafting, adapting or terminating of all types of business-related contracts, in particular, the drafting of standard terms and conditions, taking into account any special tax law provisions as part of a holistic consulting approach.

Inheritance/ succession law

Our competent and experienced team offers effective legal assistance in the assessment, planning, structuring and tax optimisation of inheritance/ succession arrangements for private individuals and businesses. This applies, in particular, to clients with assets abroad, who need advice on German and international inheritance tax matters. We also offer support in disputes between communities of heirs, matters relating to the compulsory share, executions of wills and estate settlements through well thought-out advice after careful assessment of the legal and fiscal specifics of the case. We also specialise in out-of-court settlement of inheritance disputes through mediation, arbitration or alternative options to avoid time-consuming and costly disputes for our clients.

Foundation law

The establishment and management of foundations requires an in-depth examination of complex legal matters, which are regulated differently across the German federal states. This is why it is crucial to seek sound professional advice when setting up a foundation. We offer our clients assistance throughout the entire establishment process, including the drafting of foundation statutes, taking into account foundation and tax law implications, up to implementation. We also offer assessment of projects later and reliably develop promotion guidelines, whereby this applies to family foundations as well as consumer or non-profit foundations. Our partners are represented on the boards of important foundations.

Litigation / dispute resolution

Commercial legal disputes require empathy, legal understanding and, last but not least, a sustainable, tailor-made solution. As experienced lawyers in Munich, we have many years of specialist experience to assist you through any disputes that arise. Both on a national and international level, we actively conduct judicial and extrajudicial proceedings and participate in arbitration and mediation proceedings for the benefit of our clients.
  • Civil and commercial law
  • Employment law
  • Investment and banking
  • Arbitration proceedings
  • Company law
  • Inheritance/ succession law
Sound legal knowledge and, above all, the long-standing and successful process-related expertise of our team make us the first port of call for impending or pending legal disputes. We have the necessary professional expertise to represent you effectively and to pursue your claims. Our objective is to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients, both from a legal and business perspective, based on an in-depth, strategic and results-driven analysis and preparation.

Tax law

Knowledge is power. Our knowledge of tax laws and regulations and the options available make us the ideal partner for all types of strategies and transactions to help you to assess and manage their tax effects. Our international expertise in this area is particularly relevant because tax advice to private individuals, companies and foundations has to adapt to continually changing legal bases and the growing internationalisation is leading to increasingly complex and multifaceted questions and decisions. Interdisciplinary solution concepts in tax-relevant topics are part of our quality advice, especially with respect to succession planning, alternative arrangements by way of anticipated succession and in succession cases.
True expertise is a combination of high levels of general knowledge and specialisation, the ability to identify and seize on opportunities.

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